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Terrifying Body Cam Footage Shows Deputy Driving Through Raging California WildfireAs a wildfire closed in and thick smoke clogged the air, the sky an angry red, the sheriff’s deputy told a dispatcher that the road he was on had become “nearly impassable.”

10/15/2017 8:59:24 AM

Russian trolls were schooled on ‘House of Cards’A former Russian internet troll says the training for influencing the American election included screening "House of Cards," and reading – and writing – comments on the websites of the New York Times and the Washington Post.

10/15/2017 12:56:48 PM

Palace Intrigue? Haley Says: 'That's Really A Question For Secretary Tillerson'Amb. Nikki Haley, Gov. John Kasich (R-Ohio) and the panel talk the Iran deal, health care and Steve Bannon in this

10/15/2017 2:01:52 AM

Victim of Las Vegas shooting wakes up from coma after bullet struck her foreheadTina Frost, 27, woke from a coma on Friday to take her first steps since sustaining a bullet to the forehead from being shot by Stephen Paddock on the Oct. 1 mass shooting in Las Vegas.

10/14/2017 3:49:57 PM

Tillerson: Diplomacy With North Korea Will Continue 'Until The First Bomb Drops'The Trump administration intends to continue diplomatic efforts with North Korea “until the first bomb drops,” Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said on Sunday.

10/15/2017 10:01:15 AM

Incredible moment family dog emerges unscathed from California wildfiresTwo men who hiked for miles through northern California wildfire territory expecting a grim discovery were met with a joyful one instead. Jack Weaver and his brother-in-law Patrick Widen walked around police barricades, through a creek and up treacherous hilly roads to save Mr Weaver's mother from having to recover the body of the family's beloved dog Izzy. Katherine Weaver was convinced Izzy died in a ferocious wildfire that destroyed their neighbourhood and sent the family fleeing for safety. When the men reached the end of the narrow road, and had all but given up hope, Izzy came bounding out of the rubble. Jack Weaver, who was filming the scene for his parents, captured the joyous reunion on his phone in a video that's gone viral, providing a rare bit of good news amid endless scenes of severe destruction. Video block text  

10/15/2017 6:29:34 AM

Israel uncovers Roman structure at foot of Jerusalem's Western WallIsraeli archaeologists in Jerusalem's Old City on Monday unveiled a newly unearthed section of the Western Wall and the first Roman public structure ever discovered in the city, they said. Archaeologist Joe Uziel said he and his colleagues knew the wall section was there and had expected to find a Roman street at its base. The Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA), which conducted the two-year dig, said that historical sources mentioned such structures but in 150 years of modern archaeological research in the city none had been found.

10/16/2017 9:16:00 AM

Ex-hostages back in Canada after harrowing raid to free themSMITHS FALLS, Ontario (AP) — A couple held hostage for five years by a Taliban-linked extremist network in Afghanistan was safely back in Canada on Saturday after what the husband described as a harrowing firefight during a raid to free the family.

10/14/2017 4:32:16 PM

President Trump and Women's RightsJoin Rev. Al Sharpton as he chats with Tina Tchen former chief of staff to the Obama’s and how this new administration differs from the Obama’s views on women's rights.

10/14/2017 11:15:16 PM

Analyst lays out prosecution's theory in burned woman trialBATESVILLE, Miss. (AP) — An intelligence analyst guided a jury Saturday through cellphone data and video footage prosecutors hope will prove their theory that a Mississippi man fatally burned a 19-year-old woman.

10/14/2017 8:09:36 PM